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Uira provides bioenergEthic products from microalgae
in an innovative and eco-friendly.


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What if you didn’t have to choose between what’s good for the Earth and great nutrition?

Uira is developing a new method to create high-quality functional foods and nutraceutical supplements without having a negative impact on the environment.  We use microalgae and aquatic plants in an innovative and eco-friendly way to produce the best omega-3 and astaxanthin products available.

Astaxanthin pills

These supplements are more effective than synthetic or fish-based ones, and don’t require us to consume animals or harm the ecosystem.  And that’s just the beginning. We’re creating a range of high-quality nutritional supplements for vegetarians, vegans and everyone else to take in good conscience. See the blog –>

Nutritional supplements for a better future

Wholesome living shouldn’t require that we exploit the world around us. Instead, we need to achieve balance and harmony at all levels: within our bodies with better nutritional supplements, and throughout the world with more responsible practices.


Algae-based nutritional supplements and functional foods are not only more sustainable to produce, they also provide a more direct link to the essential nutrients we need to thrive. Rather than consuming fish that have eaten these plants, we can derive the benefits directly from the source itself. Our cutting-edge technology does all of this while using renewable energy to avoid carbon footprints.  As a whole, we rely on the Earth for a healthy existence, so caring for the environment comes full circle for holistic well-being – both now and for generations to come. Know More –>

Join us in a more holistic approach to nutrition

Uira BioenergEthic is committed to the proper use and stewardship of natural resources. That’s the idea behind the term “BioenergEthic”, which we created to encapsulate our vision. The meaning of “Uira” comes from an ancient Arabic word for “Water Lady”, and describes the life giving properties of our planet’s most vital resource. Our processes draw on natural nutrients in an ethical, sustainable way. We believe this approach will result in a company dedicated to the pursuit of a better planet and in turn, a better organisation.

We aim to help humans live in a more sustainable way and to protect the world from inappropriate development, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. We’re currently looking for individuals and organisations that want to contribute to our mission with a donation of any size.  With this funding, we’ll be able to finish developing our technology and processes, so we can start changing the world from the inside out – one nutritional supplement at a time.  Find out how you can help. Together, we can have healthier bodies, more wholesome communities and a stronger world.