We’re in a unique time period with the intersection between Internet and business. Twenty years ago, entrepreneurs wouldn’t even consider building a website, but it’s a foundational step in the 21st century.

In more recent years, crowdfunding has proven to be one of the best methods of funding a unique idea. A crowdfund campaign raises many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

The “”Uira Crew” think of it as a street performer’s hat for collecting tips but in an online setting to prove our idea is worth funding. We truly like this concept because is a sort of transition to a more democratic approach to the business environment.

Test the waters

We are literally testing the waters to understand if people will like our business idea, our philosophy and finally our products. After our first campaign on Indiegogo which we miserably failed 😉 we choose to keep going and never give up.

Because of the restriction on Kickstarter about dietary supplements we made the decision to communicate our values with our original creativity through a limited edition series of T-shirts called “A T-shirt For A Better Planet”. The scope of our second crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to be able to launch our vegetarian friendly and sustainable Omega 3 dietary supplements on the market and kickstart”” our venture.

What We Stand For

We truly believe we can create a better world little by little, working together to design a sustainable future on this Planet.

We aim to actively reduce human impact and carbon emissions on the planet Earth producing  high value superfood like Omega 3 dietary supplements through an holistic approach to this matter.

Currently, most of the supply for those products is depending on animal sources impacting the marinelife in the oceans and their production is running on fossil fuels, exploiting and polluting the Earth’s resources at the same time.

We believe that we can contribute to innovate and transform this market basing these nutrient’s supply on micro algae.
Our high value products could therefore improve our environment and help people to maintain an healthy life.


What This Campaign Is All About

Communicate our philosophy through an original piece of Artwork on a T-Shirt is our new strategy to connect ourselves with our tribe.

Our campaign is going to run for 3 months offering 8 different original design and slogan in order to collect sufficient funds to launch our first product on the market

Showing  our passion and love for innovation, science, holism and sustainability through our creativity is what we can currently do, to grow our family.

What about you? Are you in?

Check it out and Please help us to make it happen.

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Francesco Cornalba