On March 28, the world went dark to shine a light on a very important cause. People around the globe celebrated Earth Hour to spend a little more time thinking about the energy we consume and raising awareness about the need to be careful with our precious resources.

Earth Hour: Addressing the ‘human rights issue of our time’

The annual event, organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), asks people to shut off their lights for an hour to demonstrate their commitment to taking proactive steps in protecting the planet. At the same time, participants can get involved in crowdfunding campaigns and charitable causes that seek to address sustainability issues. This year, 7,000 cities in 172 countries took part in the event, the WWF reported.

People from all around the world celebrated Earth Hour at 8:30 p.m. local time, with buildings and landmarks as iconic as the Eiffel Tower in France turning off the lights.


Even astronauts in outer space sent a special message to mark the occasion.


In the official video for Earth Hour, actress Emma Thompson calls climate change the “human rights issue of our time”. We need to be concerned about decisions like fracking and carbon emissions because if we deplete the world of its natural resources, no one can enjoy a decent quality of life. And if some groups exploit the environment or consume more than their fair share, we can’t ensure all people or future generations have the chance to attain the materials they need to survive.

Timeless: Taking sustainability to heart

At Uira, we’re committed to sustainable living, which is why we’re developing natural astaxanthin and omega-3 supplements that are produced in an eco-friendly, energy efficient manner. But that’s only one drop in the ocean when it comes to the action we need to take to live more harmoniously and responsibly with nature.

One of the cool things about events like Earth Hour is the number of ideas and inspiration that come out of it. From launching campaigns to plant trees where they matter most to repurposing everyday objects to cut down on waste, efforts small and large are needed to protect our planet and improve our lives. WWF UK tweeted this article with a few ideas:


If you missed out on Earth Hour this year, don’t worry – you can still get involved! The event’s organisers encouraged people to use the hashtag #YourPower to keep the discussion going about climate change and sustainable living. Check it out and see what ideas inspire you. The results could be pretty powerful.