You're bound to get some strange looks from your friends and family when you tell them you've chosen to cut meat and dairy from your life.

Whether you choose to follow a vegan diet for social reasons, health concerns or simply as an ethical choice, people around you are likely to question the change. This is particularly true here in Australia, where steaks and barbecues play such a pivotal role in our culture. However, just because it's the current status quo, doesn't necessarily mean things will stay this way forever. A quick jaunt around any of the country's major cities will reveal a wealth of dining options catering towards vegans. 

Ready to bust the myths surrounding veganism?Ready to bust the myths surrounding veganism?

Regardless of the growing acceptance of vegans in society, you're still going to raise a few eyebrows. On your journey to a better diet, here are the three myths you're most likely to hear:

1. You won't get enough protein

In many ways, protein is one of the most essential building blocks of life. While it is found in high concentration in meat, it certainly doesn't have to come from animals. The National Health and Medical Research Council suggests that the average male and female daily diet should contain 52 grams and 37 grams of protein respectively. Eating a balanced vegan diet will easily reach this threshold, when you consider nutritionally dense food such as lima beans contain nearly 12 grams of protein per cup.

If you do require extra protein in your diet, we are working on developing an algae-based vegan protein supplement that is great for both your body and the planet.

2. It's expensive and inconvenient

While fresh produce isn't cheap, it's definitely more cost efficient than buying a decent cut of meat. Farmers markets are a great source of locally grown fruit and vegetables and will often be less expensive than shopping at a chain store.

The first days of your vegan journey might be challenging as you rethink your methods of cooking. However, with some experience, it becomes second nature, and you'll be coming up with all sorts of creative substitutions for your old meat-based dishes.

3. You'll have less energy

Despite cutting meat from your diet, you'll probably find that you feel more lively and energetic than ever before. This is largely due to the fact that vegan diets typically focus on eating fresh whole foods and cutting out processed goods. If you ever do find yourself feeling low on energy, you might need to consider investing in some additional nutritional supplements.