We all know the benefits of eating healthy, yet many of us still struggle to abstain from sugary and fatty temptations. For many, it’s a matter of convenience; the time it would take to prepare a proper meal is simply not practical.

However, neglecting our bodies is taking its toll. Nearly two in three (63 per cent) of Australian adults are overweight, according to figures released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), up 10 per cent from 1995.

Naturally, the disadvantages of obesity are more than superficial. The AIHW also noted that the country’s widespread high body mass index is the second-highest contributor to the burden of disease, ahead of smoking and slightly behind dietary risks.

The thought of completely restructuring your diet can be daunting proposition. However, by following these five easy tips, you’ll be on the right path to good health.

1. Supplements

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, but in today’s fast-paced society, a sit-down dinner is more of an exception than the rule. This can leave some holes in your diet, which in the long run could be detrimental to your health. While there are many options on the market, there is a relatively limited range of vegan supplements that are aimed at the planet’s conscious eaters.Omega-3-hits-25bn-but-can-it-keep-growing_strict_xxl

A vegan Omega-3 supplement is the perfect addition to any diet.

2. Eat less meat

Many fad diets of late (we’re looking at you paleo and caveman diets) have put a huge emphasis on devouring large amounts of meat to boost energy and increase general wellbeing. However, this is in direct opposition to scientific evidence. Those who abstain from red meat – especially the processed variety – are significantly less likely to develop heart disease and, as the Victoria government’s Better Health initiative revealed, also reduce their risk of bowel cancer.

Going cold turkey, so to speak, on red meat might be a bit of a challenge, so ease into your new diet by having meat-free meals a few times each week.

Fast track your way to better health by eating meat-free dishes a few times each week.Fast track your way to better health by eating meat-free dishes a few times each week.

3. Cut down on sugar

Excessive sugar consumption is perhaps the biggest contributor to our unhealthy lifestyles. The World Health Organisation suggests adults should be taking in, on average, around 25 grams of sugar each day. Interestingly, the Dietitians Association of Australia recommends almost four times this amount (90 g). Whichever number you choose to adhere to, it can’t be denied that limiting your sugar consumption will greatly benefit your health.

How will changing your eating habits improve your health?