Uira BioenergEthic is an Australian start-up that operates within the Nutraceuticals , Cosmeceuticals and Sustainable Commodities industries.


Be the first Holistic Algae Biotech Company, producing high quality standard of algal supplements and  sustainable commodities growing microalgae and aquatic plants with the most sustainable method of farming available.


Contribute to reduce human impact and carbon emissions on planet Earth with respect and positive energy, providing high value and sustainable goods and services over the world.


    • Innovation: Uira BioenergEthic will dedicate itself to constantly optimizing and improving its technologies and range of products.
    • Motivation: Uira BioenergEthic will value individuals who are driven to continually improve themselves and their organisation.
    • Integrity: Uira BioenergEthic will be consistent in developing an organic and outstanding brand reputation within the Nutraceutical Cosmeceutical and Commodities industries.
    • Proactivity: Uira BioenergEthic will be made by  people who will be able to look for solutions to a variety of issues.
    • Customers Advocacy: Uira BioenergEthic will be focus on developing a customer relationship based on trust providing extraordinary customer service.
    • Respect for People, Planet and Profit : Uira BioenergEthic will be focus on the Green Economy triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit